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Quest Piping

Anyone out there who owns or rents a home/townhouse built somewhere between 1982 and 1993 should make sure they do not have “Quest Piping” . This piping has major leak issues, my community has experienced them since before I purchased my townhouse in 2002. Before you purchase an older home make sure that it does not have this piping. Over the past 8 years I have had a major leak issue almost every year because of this piping either splitting, breaking or bursting. I live in a block of 8 townhouses and it seems that when one of us has a leak the water travels along the foundation inside the cinderblock walls that separate us. In the past 4 days 2 of my 7 neighbors have had major leaks and each time I have suffered water damage. 

My parents had a high-end mobile home with this piping and after the 1st big break they had all the piping replaced. This of course was not only expensive but intrusive as ALL the walls had to be removed in order to replace it. unfortunately my funds have not allowed me such a luxury and even if I had done so, my neighbors would have to do so as well. The biggest problems come when the coupling where the main water comes into the house fails. When mine failed I had a waterfall coming out my front door and a good 3 to 4 inches of standing water over my entire downstairs.

So do yourself a favor and really check your home or potential home for any plumbing issues like this. It is also very wise to get a trusted and reputable home inspector before buying a home. Remember that not ALL home inspectors are reputable, so check them out through BBB, Angie’s List or Consumer Affairs. It is your money and you have the right to protect it so be careful and ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS! Dont be a victim of somebody elses greed or trickery.


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