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Mother Earth

There are people that say all this “global warming” stuff is just some sort of scare tactic devised by whom ever to get money out of us and it is all made up. Some want to convince us that the end of days is near according to some religions. Some just do not care to pay attention to anything outside their own little world.

 There are those that believe that Mother Earth has finally had enough of the reckless, uncaring, selfish, and destructive humans that she has allowed to inhabit this planet. She is tired of losing forever some of her natural elements, plant, and animal life. She has tried sending us hints and even had human emissaries to plead her case and educate us. Nevertheless, the human race, for the most part has ignored all of this.

 It is way past time for us to pay attention to this planet we live on. We build Damns to hold waters back so that we can build homes and we have the audacity to act surprised and shocked when they break and the homes are destroyed and lives lost. We overpopulate area with poor drainage and are surprised when the heavy rains come that the city streets are flooded. We develop homes and businesses too close to our shores and waterways and cannot believe it when the waters destroy buildings or mudslides take away buildings and roads. We build communities on major fault lines and are surprise when the earth shakes, shifts or opens up and destroys anything we put there. We cannot understand why wild animals come into the towns and neighborhoods that we build in what use to be their homes.

 Wake up people, the human race can fight Mother Earth all it wants. However, in case you have not noticed, she wins every time. People talk about countries considered super powers with great military etcetera. The greatest super power of all is Mother Earth. There is no weapon that to use to win a war with her and she cannot be bought off with money.


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