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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. I wish all Mom’s a happy day and may your children remember even if they are mad with you. I am hoping to see mine this weekend if she is not busy. My child is upset with me and most likely will not even call; but I love her anyway and hope she has a great 2nd Mother’s Day filled with all the things that make her happy.


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Well, I have made it through another day. The heat wave around here the past few days has been tough with no A/C in the car or house. Thank goodness we have fans in every room of the house. As for the car, I never used the a/c much when it did work. Just never really liked that car a/c smell and would rather feel the fresh air. I do miss it however when driving in town.

Hopefully there will some employment for us in the next few weeks so we can afford to have the house a/c taken care of. Jobs are hard to find in our area. Especially for folks like us in their mid to late 50’s with no college, business going out of business or cutting back, plants laying off (that is how he became unemployed) and of course we are competing with a lot of younger people. It has been very frustrating for us both.

The thing that gets me is that we are both willing to work at jobs outside our fields and for less (some cases LOTS) than our previous jobs we still get that same old company line of “your last job paid more than this one” or “we can’t pay you what you are accustomed to”. I think if I hear something like that again I’ll just flip! And why does experience and stability not count anymore? It is like we are being punished for having done our job for so long and lived to be our age. Is it just me or is there something terribly wrong with that?

We both just want a job, any job that we can do, a reason to get up in the morning, a purpose to our day. Is that so much to ask for? It does not matter how much less/beneath our prior jobs it is. We just want to be able to pay our bills and keep our home. Any way, like I said at the top, another day survived. And tomorrow is another day, anything is possible (I hope).

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For those of you that don’t you really should. I just found a real keeper of a blog by simply looking at the most recent posts list at the bottom of my dashboard.
This young lady is a hoot and a half and I intend on following her. You know some people are just naturally funny and I think she may be one of them.
So remember to check out that list at the bottom each time you log in. You may just find a gem worth keeping.

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